The Willamette Valley Bird Symposium is a day-long event bringing together professionals, students, and amateurs to celebrate birds.

Recognizing that we can all be instrumental in advancing the scientific understanding of birds and their conservation, the symposium provides an opportunity for valuable conversations among bird enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. Typical offerings include student research presentations, demonstrations of avian research techniques, networking opportunities, and a live raptor exhibit from a local wildlife rehabilitation center.

The symposium was started in partnership by Oregon State University and the American Ornithological Society. Our first symposium occurred in 2015 and has been an overwhelming success ever since, with upwards of 200 registrants each year. Check out the archives to learn about past symposia.

About our logo:

The Willamette Valley Bird Symposium logo consists of a single flight feather of a Northern Spotted Owl, a species native to the Pacific Northwest that is illustrative of the importance of understanding and conserving birds. It was designed by Jon Perry of Corvallis. Jon is an artist and science advocate who founded Stated Clearly, a website focused on creating short, information-rich animations that explain scientific topics in clear language. To learn more about Jon and his work, visit www.StatedClearly.com.